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Finally it’s here!

Our 3rd album “Bond & Free” – 15 new songs recorded live within 5 days in July last year – will be presented in concert on May 14 in Zürich and May 15 in Basel.

The making of this album was in many ways a stunt. To record 15 songs live in less than 5 days is very ambitious, and rather unusual in these days of recording perfection. It has become a very honest document on how we sound. One could call it an „organic“ or „ecological“ CD without „food additives“ like Auto-Tune or Melodyne. Everything on this album (except the motorbike on nr. 13) is sung and played at the same time in the same room.

This would not be possible without the support of some of the greatest musicians ever: Adam, Pau, Rätus and Lluís. We are so grateful , not only for their inventive, sensitive and state of the art musical participating on this album, but also for bringing their loving personalities into the studio and into the music.

A big thank you also to Jonas, for his clever advices and his patience during the session, and after…